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The Most Crucial Component of Event RoI

by Vasanth
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There are a lot of posts about measuring event RoI. We’ve been spearheading the Event RoI movement for so long, and we wanted to weigh in with our $0.02. We’ve helped countless companies (okay, we counted. More than 40 Fortune 1000 companies) attribute a solid RoI to their event spends.

This blog by Marketo tells you the best methods to measure event RoI. We’re glad that they agree that the best way to measure event RoI is through the Sales Pipeline. And we’re sure you understand that the potential of the sales pipeline is realized through meetings.

We believe that focusing on the RoI also automatically sets up the right processes for you, to help you have a successful event that any CMO would be eager to show off.

So how do you do it?

The best way to measure event success is through the ROI from meetings in your sales pipeline. Meetings are the fuel that powers your sales machine.

You might have different goals and objectives to meet. But a lot of these goals can always tie back into meetings. Need to improve customer loyalty? Meet them, and provide product updates, maybe give them some discounts. Need to close more deals? Meet the right kind of prospects.

You’ve already heard a lot about the importance of ROI. Now we’re breaking it down and highlighting an important component of RoI, which are meetings.

And we can help you with meetings. Face to face meetings are becoming increasingly harder to come by, with the rise of communication technology. Skype and Hangouts are pretty great, but we really need actual human interaction to gain trust, and trust is what most big deals are built upon. Trust that you will deliver, and trust that your service will add value to their processes. And face-to-face meetings are where you can build that.

Measuring RoI doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process.

For example, if you have 100 meetings at your next event, the sum of potential and/or actual revenue discussed is not easily measured with the different variables at that scale.

How are you going to measure the revenue for all of those meetings? Excel?

You need a specialized tool, expressly built for the purpose of making measuring RoI easier by helping you track all your meetings.

After the amount of work and research that we’ve put into building a sales advancement platform that helps you close deals faster, and attribute RoI to events, we know that this is the best way. If you have a lot of meetings, and that you really care about justifying the constantly inflating costs associated with meetings, we think a demo session is in order. Just click below.

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