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Impact of Meeting Automation Platforms on B2B Meetings at Events

by Meghana Suresh
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Impactful business engagements are those that provide results – whether it is the opportunity to connect again, advancement along the sales pipeline, or attracting influenced revenue pipeline. B2B meetings are the soul of every B2B event and as simple as this sounds, more meetings result in more pipeline which in turn lead to revenue. The impact of such meetings on taking a business forward is immense. 

But instead of managing meetings the old fashioned way, how about upgrading to a Meeting Automation Platform?
A Meeting Automation Platform(MAP) is a saas platform that automates all aspects of meeting management such as pre-meeting planning, in-meeting management, and post-meeting analysis as well as follow-up. An intuitive platform, MAP aids in increasing the quality as well as quantity of B2B meetings at events, roadshows, tradeshows, briefing centers, and sales meetings.

Here are the reasons why Meeting Automation Platforms(MAP) should be included in your repertoire of automation software:

  • The first step starts with a result-oriented, pre-meeting management process.
    • While the common practice is to rely on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, this process does not allow for seamless tracking, real-time updates, and is error-prone. 
    • But a MAP automates the entire workflow process. Identifying the right attendees, time-zone based scheduling, mapping meetings to specific rooms without the hassle of overbookings, etc is all done through automation. 
    • Due to this, the value of these sessions is higher and can also be measured.
  • Meetings without agendas are pointless and a MAP through its functionalities helps managers set agendas that are actionable and those that can be tracked.
    • Other features such as reminders ensure that attendees are present at the meetings.
  • Meetings without metrics cannot be measured or analyzed and this is where Meeting Automation Platforms can step in and take care of providing measurable analytics.
    • Whether it is the number of rooms that were booked, or the number of attendees who participated in meetings, Jifflenow’s advanced dashboard allows you to measure success with data-driven meeting metrics and insights. 
  • The event industry today is an ecosystem of various software that work together to simplify workflows and achieve business goals.
    • A well-rounded Meeting Automation Platform like Jifflenow integrates with industry-leading CRM, marketing automation, and badge scan software, and other event software platforms to provide a seamless experience that reduces manual efforts and improves the quality as well as quantity of meetings at B2B events and trade shows.

While meetings may not directly contribute to event revenue, they have a significant impact on attracting influenced revenue pipeline as well as advancing the deal along the sales cycle. 

To know more about Meeting Automation Platforms and their significant impact on your enterprise, schedule a demo with our experts today.

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