The classic theory of Human Motivation, also known as the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ was devised by American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the year 1943. It remains today as one of the greatest theories in understanding human needs and personal development. The theory was based on the assumption that unfulfilled needs warrant actions that are directed towards satisfying them.

The theory has found numerous applications in the field of resource management, personal development, and cognitive studies. It is a five-stage pyramidal model that elucidates human behaviour based on the level of need. In this blog, we try and adapt this theory to event marketing and what it means to marketers at events.


The first layer of Maslow’s hierarchy is all about survival. The base of the pyramid represents physiological needs – the bare necessities required for survival. These are the highest priority as they directly affect the basic aspect of proper bodily function such as the need for water, food, and shelter. Applying that to B2B event marketing, our first layer would be the existence of the event. They need to get the planning and strategy right to get the event going. This means  coordinating logistics and infrastructure like audio-visual equipment, venue, and the workforce.

The second level of the pyramid represents safety needs that are satisfied by financial stability, job security, and protection from the elements. The next layer of needs is the safety needs. From an event marketing standpoint, This stage brings into question how successful the event is going to be. Event marketers need to know how much the event will cost and how to create an experience that will deliver the desired results. For these reasons, allocating and managing budgets, reeling in attendees and generating revenue are immediate concerns of the event that form this portion of the hierarchy.

The third layer encompasses love and a sense of belonging. Individuals that have satisfied safety needs try and address needs that help them achieve acceptance based on their approach to social structure. For event marketers, it is important that they feel needed. The third hierarchy, therefore, conforms to being a part of a successful team that not only facilitates great sales results but also supports each other in times of need.

The fourth tier indicates needs that appeal to an individual’s esteem. An individual craves for aspects like social standing that recognizes his stature and worth within community. He/She then transcends to a position of power, responsibility, and status. It is not easy to be an event rockstar. They handle a number of aspects of the event are at the heart of it all. Using a meeting scheduling software makes it easier to manage their meetings more effectively and drive better results. Moreover, being recognized for their efforts and forming meaningful customer relationships builds their esteem.

The fifth stage forms the peak of the pyramid and represents self-actualization. This stage of Nirvana can only be attained when all the other four needs have been relatively satisfied. Reaching this level gives the individual a purpose. The ideology is what he/she lives by and forms the highest form of motivation. For event marketers, collecting feedback and applying them to subsequent events give event markers a purpose to their position. Analysing meeting metrics, converting appreciation and constructive feedback into actionable items and creating a work ethic that helps them hone their skills satisfy the fifth and final layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as event marketers.


Applying Maslow’s hierarchy to event marketing can help identify and implement motivational factors that appeal to the physiological and safety needs of marketers. It can also highlight key areas that can enhance their individual performance. Using selective cues to motivate or provide constructive criticism can be key to getting the most out of events.

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