In the first section of our white paper, “Three Steps to Higher Event ROI”, we put forth a new event ROI hypothesis. This hypothesis stated that if event teams were to push for greater sales enablement at events through pre-scheduled B2B meetings, the sales pipeline from these discussions could be used as a veritable outcome of the investment in the event.

Thus in a way, what we’re proposing is the ROI from B2B meetings at events could be used as event ROI itself.

On the cost front, professional meeting scheduling solutions can optimize numbers from better meeting space utilization and faster meeting scheduling. On the returns, more confirmed meetings that actually happen result in a greater sales pipeline being built at the event.

With the Jifflenow Event ROI Calculator you can now calculate your returns from a B2B event or a trade show. Some of the metrics it showcases are:

1. The total cost of hosting one meeting (with and without Jifflenow)

2. Increase in confirmed meetings and Sales opportunities

3. ROI from the event

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Scheduling meetings at B2B events made quick and simple

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