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The 8 Absolute Must-Haves To Become An Event Rockstar

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“The good-to-great leaders never wanted to become larger-than-life heroes. . .They were seemingly ordinary people quietly producing extraordinary results.”  

– James C. Collins in “Good to great: why some companies make the leap. . . and others don’t.”

When I started my career as Customer Success Evangelist for Jifflenow, I was fascinated by my extraordinary clients – Event Marketers and Meeting Planners who had been in this profession for decades. Their agility, energy and level-headedness in planning critical aspects of events made me aspire to be like them. It’s been over 3 years for me here, and I have learnt that becoming an Event Rockstar takes more than just a strong personality and goodwill. It involves a good mix of self-driven personality traits, skills and help from the best technology solutions.

So how exactly does one go from being a good Event Marketer to an Event Rockstar?

Here are my top 8 favorites:

1) Never do manually what can be automated:

A single platform for meeting management means no more switching between multiple Excel sheets, Outlook calendars, emails, notepads, Google Drive,…. The right technology solution can reduce manual efforts and set you free to focus on more crucial things.

2) Quantify your marketing efforts: 

Attending an event and setting up a booth can be expensive. It is important to evaluate the value of these marketing efforts in order to plan your annual budgets better. Justify your event expenditures by tracking the impact of all sales and marketing interactions enabled during the event. With Jifflenow, I’ve seen several event team members rise through the ranks by being great at establishing the impact of 1:1 meetings on the revenue pipeline.

3) Be effective while on the move with mobile apps: 

Accessing information onsite is crucial in order to track changes in real-time, and make necessary arrangements while you are at the event. Use mobile event management apps to send out pre-meeting reminders, notifications and alerts and ensure that your best-laid plans are executed down to the last detail.

4) Reports and predictive analysis:

Predictive analysis is the next big kid on the horizon. Our customers use smart analytics to understand how their meetings fared at the event, to analyze new trends, track pitfalls and also provide insights into space and resource utilization.

5) Setting the right agenda and roping in the best people:

Events are a great time to get in front of customers and prospects and make an excellent impression. Sending precise agendas for each interaction helps set the right expectations. Additionally, pre-planning helps secure time with senior executives and experts from your company. With the right expectations and the best people in the room, a great impression is easy to make.

7) Always collect feedback:

The key to making meetings better each time is collecting feedback using the right parameters. Open-ended feedback serves hardly any purpose at all. Feedback forms should have direct questions that can extract implementable suggestions.

8) De-stress and smile:

Events can take a toll on the marketer. Planning with a relaxed mind always keeps things on track. The best event marketers I’ve had the opportunity to work with never get frazzled.

There, those are my top 8 keys to being a great event marketer. There’s no magic recipe for it really. But these simple tips may save you a lot of time and help you shine. So pick up your checklist, take a deep breath, smile and rock on!



Authored by:

JIfflenow Customer Success Manager

Karen Karpaty
Customer Success Manager, Jifflenow

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