Events are growing in popularity as forums for marketing. There are fewer spaces in the B2B event industry that help companies engage prospects in a live environment, showcase their products and obtain first-hand feedback all under one roof. In a typical event, numerous leads are generated, hundreds of face-to-face meetings take place, and networking is at its peak.

When events are such a great way to market a product/service, they should be used to generate as many leads as possible. Organising an event is a very expensive process and the success of the event depends on the number of leads generated during the course of the event. Here are a few tips  on how you can use your event to boost the number of leads you generate.

Take events online

The latest trend in event industry is the evolution of the online facet of events. Webinars and live streamed events are trending across the globe. Attendees now have the freedom to attend the event irrespective of geographical location. Lead generation is now unrestricted and does not depend on the physical participation of the event attendee. The only drawback in this method is that it lacks the personalised 1-1 experience, but still manages to remain on the chart as an accepted way to build leads.

Pre-event campaign

Organising a successful event takes a lot of planning which usually starts long before the date of the actual event. Smart planners strategize and create the pre-event buzz that gives the brand a boost and in turn, attracts attendees to their booths. Creating exhilarating content can engage the audience and boost the lead generation.

Rock the event experience

The primary aim of an event is to get the target audience visit your booth. Create an engaging environment. Brainstorm and come up with out-of-the-box ideas and event technology integrations that appeal to customers and triggers the audience to visit your booth.

Details matter

Have an eye for detail. An event can become a hit or miss if the planning and execution steps are not complementary. The success of the event lies in the details; right from booth space, logistics, allocation of resources, to the availability of executives are crucial components to the success of the event without which, lead generation is not possible. Integrating with a meeting management software can also help create a memorable and simplified event experience.

Continuous marketing counts

Among the plethora of opportunities, an event provides, continuous marketing is one of the best ways to boost your lead generation. Events facilitate the opportunity to boost your brand marketing. Events create brand awareness and excitement for your next event and more. Sharing success stories of each event with prospective targets build brand trust.

Prompt Follow-ups

It is not just enough to conclude an event successfully. What matters most is the data we gather after the event. Creating a follow-up process in a non-intrusive manner is key. This can be done by incorporating informational content, infographics, whitepapers, newsletters and other relevant reading material. These lead nurturing methods still hold good and help you extend commitment levels without becoming intrusive to customers and prospects.

Get feedback

Event marketing does not halt at a tradeshow or event. It provides an arena for constant learning and improvement. By strategically including surveys, polls, and feedback sessions, the audience can be engaged in a productive manner and can turn out to be an opportunity for business development. Positive feedbacks can raise the brand value and boost the lead generation as well.

Streamlining your event to generate leads is of paramount importance to the success of the event. A lot of care and effort needs to be put into curating a multi-faceted sales workflow to drive the lead generation process. The above tips cover most techniques that could help generate quality leads at events.

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