Have you come out of a meeting knowing you could have achieved the same results in half the time? You’re not alone. We’ve drawn up a list of six rules you can follow to get the most effective meetings at events and at your workplace, every time.

1. Draw up the perfect meeting agenda

• Set the expectation for the expected outcome with a list of discussion points
• Give the exact time and location of the meeting
• Name the attendees with a short attached bio
• Email agenda to all participants well in advance
• Confirm receipts of agendas, bios, and discussion points so attendees are well prepared
• List out action points and go through them before ending the meeting

2. Integrate your event tech

• Use meeting applications to maximize efficiency and minimize effort
• Automate manual tasks with event tech
• Make sure your event apps are synced and talk to each other
• Deliver a smooth event experience to participants with integrations

3. Use mobile devices to increase efficiency

• Checking in event attendees
• Track meeting attendees
• Get agendas on the mobile device
• Send post-event surveys from mobile devices

4. Make sure you start on time, even a few minutes early

• Ensure that they don’t spill over
• If one goes beyond the scheduled time, it has a domino effect
• It is better to start early, than end late
• Push longer meetings to the end of the day, to maximize time

5. Know your competitor

• Do your research on your competitors who will attend
• Look at the event floor plan to see how you’re placed vis-à-vis them
• Draw up a list of potential customers who will be at the event
• Attend competitor showcases / talks at the event

6. Limit meeting attendees

Too many cooks spoil the broth – is applicable to meetings as well.
• When setting up meetings limit the maximum number of attendees
• This will lead to more streamlined meeting discussions
• Limiting attendees will also ensure that there won’t be any silent attendees

Are there other meeting rules you follow that have helped you deliver results? Let us know in the comments section. Till then, happy reading.


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