At Jifflenow, we believe in the power of meetings to connect, empower and create opportunities for everyone involved. And turns out, we’re not the only ones. The power of meaningful meetings is universal and we have others putting out thoughtful, engaging and useful information about all things meetings. Here they are, in no specific order:

Successful Meetings

Successful Meetings is a monthly magazine with a great web presence. They aspire to be the one-stop information hub for meetings, conventions and trade show professionals. They are also a workflow tool for planners to find the perfect venue, and to coordinate all other details regarding their events.

Their focus is about meetings, and a lot of meaningful meetings happen at events. So you will find information about Meetings, Events, Destinations and everything in between. Their ‘Top 10’ and ‘How To’ sections are particularly informative and fun to read. Their most useful feature is the ‘Find Facilities’ option that makes it really easy for Event planners to compare different venues and choose the best one according to their needs.


MeetingsNet provides award-winning content pertaining to the meeting industry. Their content is segmented by markets (such as Corporate, Medical and Association Meetings, Global Events and so on.) They have a nifty-looking interactive magazine app that is a delight to use.

They also have newsletters that are segment-specific, so that you can subscribe to the one that’s most relevant to you. You can also access some great learning resources like webinars, reports and IdeaXChange.

IdeaXChange is a curated forum for meetings professionals, which is a great place to learn from, for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. There’s a lot you can learn here.

Meeting News

Meeting News is more of a newsletter than a website, and we think it’s a brilliant resource. The newsletter reads like a mini-magazine in itself, with breaking news, industry information, international news , story of the day, events calendar and even job openings. They talk about everything related to the meetings industry from, hospitality, airlines, business travel, technology and the economy.

This is a daily newsletter with news curated from a wide range of sources, so we feel that this is a must have for any B2B meeting professional to stay on top everything that happens around them. The newsletter also has relevant advertisements, which we admit taught us a thing or two about monetising useful content.

Meetings today

Meetings Today is another magazine with a solid web presence, and the content they have  to  offer is amazing. We attribute this to the experienced team they have in place. Everyone on their roster seems to be well-accomplished, as you can see on their About Us page.

The content is majorly segmented into People, Places, News, Events and so on. We think the ‘People’ section is a nice touch, highlighting the stalwarts and the rising stars connected to the meetings industry. They also have a range of webinars suited for every meetings and events professional. We think the layout of the website is pretty neat too.

Meetings Mean Business

Meetings Mean Business is a campaign run by frontrunners of the meeting industry. They seek to bring the industry together to showcase the value of meetings, and give the industry and strong and unified voice.

At Jifflenow, we also strongly believes in the power of meetings, and it’s great that something so close to our heart is being championed. A lot of the content focuses on the importance of different kinds of meetings. They have a video series with Testimonials from people about the value of meetings and the impact they have, and they regularly blog about current events and how that ties into the meetings industry. Well worth a read.


These are our Top 5 picks of great meeting resources, but we’re sure there are more out there. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed out on anything!

For more insights on B2B meetings at events, visit the Jifflenow blog.

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Vasanth Kumar is a Content Marketing Associate at Jifflenow. He’s been telling stories for brands for the past 4 years and is always on the lookout for the next article, video or infographic that piques his interest.

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