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5 Tips For B2B Sales Advancement Beyond Boardrooms And Events

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Any sales executive will tell you that the most effective conversations sometimes happen outside the boardroom, in more personal spaces, where the client actually begins to trust you and your product. These conversations don’t always get recorded and are sometimes, lost in transition. Imagine if you could record each one of these interactions and take a look back to see when was the moment that sealed the deal for you? That would be awesome. Wouldn’t it?

In this blog, we explore how sales advancement can happen beyond the boardrooms, beyond meetings at events and beyond the formal meet and greets. We will also talk about the ways in which you can record and save these conversations for more insights into your sales cycles.

 1. Start with personalized pre and post event emailing

Every B2B event marketer is aware of the importance of email marketing. However, sales teams are yet to use emails to their full potential. Start with reaching out to your prospects before the event. Personalize your emails and address their specific issues that you would like to talk about. Provide them with an agenda probably. Follow the same rule after the event. Follow up emails should be sent within 24 hours of the event. Chalk out the action items and set up a follow up meet. Depending on how your interaction goes and how important the prospect is, you can also add a touch of unconventionality.

2. Cold calling

Cold calling can be seen as an intrusion in private space. But if executed well can be used quite effectively in B2B lead generation. The real challenge lies in identifying the right audience to call. Collaborate with your Marketing team to generate the list of people you can reach out to prior to the event. Do your research well on their industries, publicly available social data as well as their job functions. This can go a long way in grabbing the attention of a prospect who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in speaking.

3. Thought Leadership through offline and virtual activities

Seminars and workshops are great platforms to build thought leadership and credibility. Sales advancement becomes easier and more effective when you already have an image of being an industry forerunner. Be it live seminar, telephonic seminars or via the Web (webinars), people who attend the seminar tend to be already interested the information,industry or product that you are presenting. Since B2B customers are typically more informed and on the lookout for a solution, it’s a great way to win their vote of confidence once you’ve established yourself ahead of others.

4. Influencer marketing

The business and consumer markets are both made up of quite a few key thought leaders who heavily influence the remaining majority. By joining forces with such influencers and complementary partners, one can instantly multiply sales lead generation pool. Once the influencers are identified, initiate a casual meet up, speak up, but make sure not to be salesy and avoid the temptation to use it as a selling opportunity – a long term strategy of status improvement and relationship making will pay the biggest bonuses. Converting existing customers into brand advocates can help further sales development.

5. Customer relationship marketing

In B2B sphere, customer referral is perhaps the strongest form of marketing. Build that relationship marketing with your customers, wow them with a product experience that they can’t stop talking about and build on their good will to expand your network. Sales, after all, is a matter of relationships. Identity customers who can advocate for you and take their help to reach out to potential new ones.

Though events are predominantly the best sales lead generating arena, tapping in these alternative strategies could prove equally effective. Event technology is smart enough these days to allow you to access all your meetings and conversations from one platform. Choose the right technology to tap into all your sales conversations that happen beyond the boardrooms and events. You’ll be surprised at the amount of insights you will gather regarding the entire B2B sales cycle. Get selling!


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