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5 steps to securing more B2B meetings at events

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Event teams in B2B companies have long struggled with scheduling and managing B2B meetings at events. While Jifflenow solves most of those problems, we’ve recently launched the Jifflenow MeetReq Widget which also helps event teams invite B2B meeting requests from any target audience without needing to create user profiles for them. This eventually helps companies secure more B2B meetings for the same amount of space, thereby further improving event ROI. To make this happen, Jifflenow users (not a user yet? become one now!) need to follow 5 simple steps:

1. Customize your meeting invite page: Jifflenow helps you build a customized online meeting request form based on the details you want to capture.

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2. Capture important details on the form: (Best practice suggestion) Ensure that people requesting meetings also choose specific executives they want to meet and time slots convenient for them.



3. Spread the word: Share the request form link on all marketing and sales communication, especially those related to the event. It can also be shared on all social platforms. (Tip: Add the link to your tweets along with the event #hashtag)


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4. Track inbound requests: Meeting managers can review and track inbound meeting requests from their Jifflenow dashboard.

5. Accept or decline requests: Meeting managers can then approve or decline meetings based on their supposed value to the business. Accepted meetings join the regular workflow of meetings scheduled using the Jifflenow platform. Meeting requests can be declined with a custom message that includes a request a meet at a later date.

What’s in it for the event planner?

  • Smooth scheduling process
  • Linear meeting management
  • Easy sharing of online form

What’s in it for the target audience?

  • Smooth user experience
  • Easily accessible form
  • Request meeting with desired representative at a convenient time

To know more about our MeetReq Widget, write to us at