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5 Must-Read Sales Blogs : Part II

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The web is inundated with content on every topic in the world, growing exponentially every day. Our lives are moving faster, and attention span getting shorter. So how do you select the content most worthy of your time ?

Last week, we brought to you 5 must-read sales blogs. Continuing the series, here’s the list of blogs by some of the most influential sales gurus and industry leaders. If you are a sales professional, this is a list you definitely don’t want to miss.

 1) Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross  


Predictable revenue was founded by Aaron Ross, who’s also the author of “Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine with The $100 Million Best Practices Of His “Cold-calling 2.0” framework and proven strategies claim to have helped companies increase their sales by double, sometimes triple. If you are looking for sustainable sales strategies that will click with diverse teams, this is the blog to bookmark.

2) Smart Calling Blog – Art Sobczak


Sobczak’s “Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling” is known as one of the best books on sales. In this blog he digs deep into the psychology of cold calling – what makes it so difficult and dreaded. Smart Calling is the place for all you need to know about this art. It’s repository of great ways to make your calling process smarter and more efficient.

3) Partner’s in Excellance – David Brock


David Brock’s authority on sales and marketing is undisputed. A sales coach, speaker and trainer, his blog regularly sheds insights into how sales happen under different situations, provides people centric guides and general know-how about various aspects of the sales function.

4) The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) Blog  


The CSS Blog is packed with highly readable posts that drive home action items. Though the content is slightly broad, a lot of insights are useful for B2B leaders to looking to improve their sales strategy and building high performing teams. Founded in Steve Marx in 1983, CCS continues to be a leading resource for sales-focused organizations today.

5) Insightsquared Blog 


While most blogs offer qualitative and descriptive techniques on sales practices, this blog is the best place for anything related to “analytics”. If you are a sales person looking to dig out insights for your business using objective data, look nowhere else. From insights into how to use sales data to reach targets to building a data driven work culture, it’ll teach you how to apply data to improvise selling.

This list can go on endlessly. But if you have limited time, these blogs pretty much sum up the most important areas of sales. Hope you enjoy reading them like we did!

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