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5 events we’re excited for in January 2017

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Best B2B Events for January 2017

  1. CES 2017January 5-8, 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest names in tech events space. CES ‘16 was a resounding success, with 177,393 attendees spread out over 2.4 million net square feet of exhibits. The way these things go, we only expect them to get bigger each year. This year also happens to be the 50th Anniversary of CES, so we’re sure they’re ready to top that, by pulling all the stops. We’ve spied a look at the Exhibitor list, and it’s mind-boggling and diverse as the last one. This one’s a can’t miss.

2. IoT Tech Expo Global 201723-24 January, 2017 – London

IoT is being heralded as the second coming for a long time now, and this show gets the post-nascent community together to show off their latest wares and advancements in the IoT realm.

Touted as the World’s leading IoT event, we’re really excited for this one because we’re sure that connected devices will play an important part in the homes and workspaces of the future. This is only the second edition of this annual event, but we’re still rooting for them because we’re sure this is the first of many more years of innovative events.

3. ReWork Deep Learning Summit, 26-27 January, 2017 – San Francisco, California

Deep Learning is another area of technology that we have our eye on – because of the implications it has for the future of technology. This is a recurring summit which is spread out over the year, and across locations, so there’s a lot to catch up on. This particular one deals with how machine learning, which is an important part of Artificial Intelligence is used to solve challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, transport, security and communications.

This also shares space with the Virtual Assistant Summit, with Virtual Assistants being the most popular interface for showcasing the prowess of Deep Learning. This event will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in VAs & their impact on business & society

4. East Meets West, January 19-20, 2017 – Honolulu, Hawaii

We’ll admit that we’re partial to this event because it’s in Hawaii, but that’s not all that it has going for it.  This one’s an international event, with attendees from Asia, US and from the Hawaiian home ground.

They have an extensive list of very qualified speakers, who seek to educate the audience on best startup practices. They’ll also have a startup battle comprising of winners from other startup battles, vying for a cash prize and mentorship. The focus here is to bring together startups and investors, so you can expect a lot of buzzing activity.

5. PCMA Convening Leaders, January 8-11, 2017 – Austin, Texas

This one’s close to our hearts, as it’s the biggest event of the year for the business events industry. PCMA is the leading organization for meetings industry professionals, and they have some distinguished speakers, presenting itself as a great place to get some networking done.

They really seem to know the ideal Event Professionals because they have everything planned out – Learning Labs for catching up on the best practices and the latest trends, and specific networking events to widen our circle. This one’s a no-brainer.


These are the events that have really got our attention for the upcoming month. Tell us in the comments if there’s an event here that we haven’t covered.

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