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5 Event Marketer Personalities : Which One Are You ?

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Our last few blogs focused on the tricks of the trade for B2B sales teams : best practices and tools that can help them build stronger revenue pipeline from events and trade shows.

This week, we shift focus to Event Marketers : the magicians who make these events happen, spending hours on scheduling those perfect meetings to ensure maximum deals are closed.

Before we get into the details, here’s a beautiful visual illustration on the struggles of an event marketer. We are calling her Lucy. Check out this link to follow Lucy’s journey :

Event marketers are expert multitaskers, great at managing pressure and expectations. Research shows that it takes certain personality traits to become a successful an event marketer. A bundle of skills that an event marketer must have include an innate ability to juggle different roles, street smartness, curiosity, strong business acumen, leadership skills and result orientation.

Based on our interactions with numerous event marketers,we’ve listed some common personality types along with strengths and pitfalls for each. And then we have mapped event technologies/ products’ features that compliment each personality.Here’s the list :

1) The Task Master :

The task master event planner knows how to get her way through any hurdle. She is commanding, clear headed and maintains a to-do list to check off actions. A believer of done is better than perfect, the task master adheres to a set of rules that has always worked.

Tools : Macro view of attendee calendars and availability of rooms, On-demand meeting reminders to all attendees right before the event, CRM integration and matching right executives depending on revenue opportunity from each meeting can be of great help to a task master.

2) The Social Butterfly :

These marketers are not just schedulers or planners, but are known for their social skills. Actively attending post-event receptions, dinners and off-sites, they are great at building offline connections with both internal and external stakeholders. Great at relationship handling, they are of great help to sales executives as they are have great rapport with clients as well.

Tools : Scheduling and managing different types of meetings under one roof such as off-sites, VIP dinners,receptions and cocktails, arranging ad-hoc meetings, walk-ins, speed meetings with clients, matching right sales executive to customers, gathering post-meeting feedback, updating them on CRM and following up immediately with influential prospects are the right tools for the social butterfly.

3) The Perfectionist :

Does detail orientation and numerous reiterations sound like second nature to you? You are perhaps a perfectionist with zero tolerance for mediocrity. Though quite a valuable skill for flawless event execution, it can at times slow down the process. Perfectionists are great individual contributors and find it hard to delegate tasks or let their team run with execution. These event marketers are great at reviewing documents and scanning for possible traps.

Tools : Meeting management on mobile apps, automatic time zone update on different attendee calendars, tracking changes real-time, sending out pre-build surveys and updating post-meeting data on Salesforce turn out quite useful for them.

4) The Anxious Nerve :

These marketers are great planners, yet they continue to get anxious throughout the event. They are mostly tense that something can go wrong, and that prevents them from enjoying being a part of the event. They are quite opposite to the social butterfly, and are hardly left with any time to relax. It’s important for an planner/marketer to have fun and remain calm throughout the event. Anxiety leads to redundant work processes, and unnecessary stress both the team and themselves.

Tools : Advance planning, real time reminders, tracking changes on mobile apps, easy pre-built surveys to collect post-meeting feedback and CRM integration tools come handy for them.

5) The Creative Dreamer :

Beaming with ideas and new ways of executing events, a creative dreamer strives to add an element of newness to what already exists. Easily bored of routine, these event marketers are usually the minds behind those unforgettable event campaigns that go viral on the web. Their ideas can be outrageous at times, leading to chaotic planning. Therefore, they need to steer clear of last minute changes and add clear processes for smooth execution.

Tools : Post-meeting notes, analytics and customer feedbacks can help them understand what worked and what didn’t. Analytics is really useful in letting them tweak ideation for future events depending on what the audience loves.


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