The past year saw the events industry adapt new technologies, further existing trends, which were turning points for exhibitors and show organizers. From real-time slide-sharing to collaborative event planning – 2014 was anything but a mundane year for events and trade shows.

The next few pointers will be the trends that will be evolving into the big bets in the meeting scheduling space in 2015.

1. Mobile event apps
Mobile event apps have quickly become a viable substitute for age-old registration and pre-event processes. With their growing popularity they are slated to render paper-based exhibition guides, attendee’s lists, and event guides obsolete. And their growing popularity amongst event managers is showing no sign of waning.

2. Analytics
Analytics provide invaluable data which helps event marketers provide a unique experience. Apart from gauging the overall impact of the event it also tracks online membership, and meetings. By the end of the coming year analytics are going to form an important component of event business strategy.

3. Get clear visibility with Big Data
Taking analytics a step further is the use of big data by event planners. We have tons of data that we are inundated with when it comes to events. These include attendee data, CRM, email lists and social media lists. With such a wealth of information you will be tempted to mine your data, but your best bet will be to funnel it.

With accurate funneling, you will be able to create relevant customer experience. Using big data at events will also help dig up hidden correlations from unconnected but related data enabling surprising predictions that will work in your favor.

4. Social Media
From live-tweeting to instagraming, event engagement has now entered the social media realm. It’s a cost-effective way to drive meeting engagement. Given its easy accessibility it will be a bigger cornerstone of every event and sales strategy.

5. Automated Scheduling
When faced with manual scheduling of thousands of meetings with internal and external stakeholders, we often panic. This is why many meeting managers are opting for online scheduling as it minimizes the room for errors. It brings order into the chaos of number-crunching, coordination, Excel sheets and manual reminders. It certainly will be the go-to option for #eventprofs in 2015.

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