The emergence of digital media and online social communities has provided B2B companies  with a unique opportunity to emerge as thought leaders and generate meaningful conversations about their products. Most of these companies already have great content to publish on their own sites. Now they have an array of publishing platforms at their disposal to reach out to people who need them. In this article, we bring to you 5 brands who have leveraged the power of digital to establish themselves as market leaders and advanced their sales in a much more organic way.

1) Adobe:

Adobe is a frontrunner when it comes to converging the digital with offline in order to build its vast network of followers. Creativity lies at the core of their marketing strategy. They used their strong digital presence to start an impressive B2B thought leadership

The site brings together market leaders from across the web to share articles on marketing and covers a range of topics. This ability to combine its online and offline communities has reportedly led to 3x more sales conversations with their customers and prospects.

Adobe also capitalises heavily on LinkedIn to meet connect with digital creators and provide them with content that can help them grow. Most recently, they celebrated 25 years of Photoshop by showcasing the best work created by their customers.

2) American Express:

The American Express OPEN Booth at CES 2016 was one of the most creative zones of event marketing. Attendees could take a trivia quiz at the iPad kiosks, get a treat from the food truck there and stand a chance to win a $100 American Express gift card.This Play, Engage, Eat strategy turned out to be a great lead-generation tool that drove huge traffic to its booth.

Another example is their 21-year-old US Open Tennis Tournament sponsorship. The American Express Fan Experience focuses on servicing card members and tennis fans, and is a great way to reach out to a very favourable target segment.

3) Oracle:

The list would be incomplete with mentioning the events giant, Oracle. The 5-day long mammoth technology conference “is a ‘ waypoint’ on a 365 day a year continuum of interactions with Oracle’s customers, prospects and partners.” according to Steve D’Alencon, senior director, global advertising at Oracle.

The team uses a combination of aggressive content distribution and pre-event social engagement to increase attendance and in-person conversations at the real event. They recognise that connecting with millennial marketers needs an extra layer of online conversations to drive offline sales advancement.

4) Intel:

Intel took event marketing to the next level with its spectacular booth at CES 2016 was a visual delight. With a number of giant installations of athletes, it showcased the future of Curie chips that will be used for measurements in sports and fitness devices. The company has already signed an agreement with ESPN to use its Curie module at X Games Aspen 2016. The booth also showed off other devices including drones and robots running on its technology, making it one of the coolest spaces at the event.

5) GE Healthcare:

GE is one of few large corporations that has adapted really well to the new age digital marketing and also taken it up a notch.Among other verticals, GE Healthcare adopted a more humane and personalised marketing strategy to push up their sales. In an interview with Marketingweek, Stephanie Meyer (Global Head of Marketing Operations at GE Healthcare) mentioned:
“We woke up to the fact that most customers are making up their minds earlier, before they see a sales person. Marketers have to think about content in the context of where the customer is versus where we are. In the past, we mostly thought about closing the deal.”

Thus came the Imagination At Work series of commercials. These commercials showcase the five important ways in which companies can make human experiences the centrepiece of their B2B marketing. This trend will change the way healthcare companies look at sales at events and enable them to take a more proactive approach towards event marketing.

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