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4 Sales Rep Personalities and Best Meetings for each type

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Large sales teams include a diverse bunch of people with different personalities. Based on Myers-Briggs’s 16 personality types, ESFJ & ESTJ (E = Extroverts, S = Sensors, F = Feelers, J = Judgers, T = Thinkers) are perceived as best suited for sales functions. However, teams that have diverse personalities are better equipped to reach multiple goals faster.

Why is it important to understand personality types before assigning leads to sales executives? When sales teams participate in large industry events, sales teams are pulled in multiple directions to close as many deals as possible, or gather maximum leads. A better way to optimize this process would include mapping personality types of sales executives to different types of meetings, and equipping them with relevant smart technologies. Scheduling tools that solve logistics issues, and provide them a single platform to manage all meetings seamlessly, work best in such cases.

The list below describes 4 most common personality types of sales executives, and types of meetings that play to their strengths.

 1) Dealmakers :

The rock star sales execs to close the last leg of a conversation and bag in a deal, they are best suited to hold one-on-one meetings with high profile corporate clients – CMOs, CXOs or CTOs. Dealmakers should be empowered with tools that helps them take leads from junior execs seamlessly, manage multiple of these meetings, stay on top of agendas for each meeting, shuttle through different venues, and know about their client in depth.  

2) Power-Networkers :

Power networkers are masters at ruthless prioritising, and know exactly where to spend their time. They value quality over quantity, and go after only high probability targets. They prefer meeting referral clients one-on-one or arranging ad hoc meetings with potential hot leads. To keep a track of multiple important meetings, meeting details, client briefs, alerts and analytics are some of the top tools they can use for maximum delivery.  

3) Socialites :

Outstandingly extrovert, these sales executives are social butterflies. Often seen fluttering around in social circles, Socialites are best people to spread the word about their product to a new crowd. Their ability to comfortably intermingle with multiple groups, and gather huge quantity of leads makes them suitable for speed meetings, cocktails and dinner speeches.

4) Knowledge Banks :

Traditionally introverts, these people are known for their in-depth product knowledge. Such people are best suited to represent booths at events. Though they are less comfortable networking with new faces, once approached they can open up a plethora of product philosophy and information to any visitor. Tools that help set up in-booth meetings with multiple partners are most useful to assist them.

Next time when your team gears up to attend a trade show or networking event, you’ll definitely know your reps’ personalities better to set them up for success.


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