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4 questions your Sales Advancement Platform should answer

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A Sales Advancement platform helps you optimise your sales pipeline by moving deals along the pipeline faster. An accomplished sales advancement platform will help you save time, boost your revenue, and use your resources economically.

Sounds like magic! But what exactly is it?

The primary objective of a sales Advancement platform is to help you close deals faster. Let’s look at the questions your sales advancement platform needs to answer.

1. Does it help me save time?
Save timeA great sales advancement platform helps you save time by identifying prospect touch points, helping your prospects to close deals much faster.

If you can close a deal in 2 months, what would normally take 4 months, it frees up your time to focus on other deals with bigger prospects. It helps you streamline your process, and eliminate bottlenecks and roadblocks that are preventing the deal from moving forward.

2. Does it help me make the most out of my resources?

Your resources are your arsenal, and each resource has a cost attached to it. So it makes sense to want to squeeze out every last drop of productivity from them. In a sales deal, your primary resources are your people – executives, SMEs, VPs and CxO whose time you harness to build a sales pipeline. Time is also a resource here, and an asset.

Any sales advancement platform worth it’s salt would make the best use of your asset’s time and energy, and deliver the results that you are looking for. It does this by identifying the places where those resources can create the maximum impact, and primes them at the right place and time, to achieve goals efficiently.

3. Does it actually deliver the results that you are looking for?

This is the proof of the pudding. It doesn’t matter what the features of the platform are if they don’t actually help you meet your goals. The stated objective of a sales advancement platform is to help you close deals faster. You can compare your pipeline before and after you have adopted this platform.

If it delivers all that it has promised, then you should be able to measure the difference with time taken for each deal, deal size, resources used and customer satisfaction. The hallmark of a great sales advancement platform is to deliver all this, in style.

4. Does it result in better customer satisfaction?

When your prospects are in the pipeline, they need information. Information about the product, the features, pricing, support options and more. The sales advancement platform helps deliver all this at the right time by satiating their need for information.

Your results are a result of your tools and your resources. A proper Sales Advancement platform lets you extract maximum value from everything, just like Jifflenow does!

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