When it comes to getting leads, industry events are your best bet. Although getting quality leads requires a few key strategies in place. More often than not, these are disguised as common pit-falls when it comes to scheduling those crucial meetings at B2B events. Read on to see how you can skirt these and get the perfect networking strategy.

1. Relying on Excel sheets to be your savior
Many of us resort to scheduling meetings for executives on Excel sheets. And then manually update all meeting-related information on the sheets, which leads to errors creeping in. A good networking opportunity can be lost because of a manual error in updating. Adopting an automated scheduling software will lead to zero error in scheduling.

2. A reminder in time saves nine
At events, there are a number of walk-ins, chance meetings or sessions that spill over, that result in delays of scheduled meetings. We’ve all been there and missed a few meetings. A timed push notification on your mobile device can help you keep your schedule in check. And you can go through your full schedule of meetings without a glitch or a delay.

3. Playing musical rooms
You might have scheduled and confirmed your meeting with your prospect. Finding an available meeting room fit for your meeting, is the next task. B2B events are an ideal place to network and meaningful conversations are best had with clearly defined agendas at designated venues. You can pre-book your meeting venue and send auto updates to participants in case of cancellations / changes. What’s better is you can also assign meeting rooms to walk-in meeting requests.

4. Not measuring meeting ROI
They came. You spoke. But how do you measure whether your meeting was successful or not? It is common at events to have a good conversation, and then your lead goes cold because of a number of reasons.
The most common being not following up. They don’t hear from you for a while, thus impacting your sales cycle. What if there was a way to follow up with your prospect, and even get their feedback on the meeting? What would sweeten the deal would be if you could measure ROI for every meeting at the event.

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Scheduling meetings at B2B events made quick and simple

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